The “Billion-Dollar Loser” Adam Neumann

These days, a strange new breed has emerged in Silicon Valley. They don’t code, they don’t build, they don’t even have management experience, yet they sit in the founder’s chair of their companies and raise small fortunes in venture capital funding. They are folks like Adam Neumann and Doug Evans with their $700 Juiceros. They are folks known as the “non-technical founders.”

Their rank defies logic. A successful business isn’t just a couple of good ideas, it’s also effective execution of those ideas. Distracted, incompetent founders will inevitably run their business into the ground. Looking at recent high-profile failures such…

In recent weeks, members of the Radical Left* have been calling for the abolishment, or “defunding”, of our police forces. Understandably, many of us have reacted to this movement, and its entrance into mainstream discourse, with fear and disdain. We regard it as an unprecedented, insane idea.

To be clear, in most times and most places, we should. Across America — no matter what the alternate-reality media mob wants you to believe — police forces are generally one of our most trusted institutions. A 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Justice (even after the Black Lives Matter movement…

The Digital World of Tron (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Challenge of Physical Objects

In the physical world, there are physical constraints that make our life hard.

Sometimes a physical object is required at two different places. If you are doing some reading in your room, for example, you might want that same cookbook you keep in your kitchen on your personal bookshelf to browse ideas for tomorrow’s dinner.

Other times, a physical object simply can’t be where it needs to be. For example, you may define your bedroom as the place where you perform the activity of relaxing, so having both a massage chair may be appropriate. …

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Keeping and “Sparking Joy”

How should we organize? This is a two-fold task. First, it is the question of deciding whether something is useful enough to keep. The second involves the question of categorization.

Everything else being equal, the more different things you have, the harder it is to find the thing you need. The resulting frustration is bad. You already have other things to worry about. So, throw away the things that are not useful.

Organization Guru Marie Kondo, famous for her eponymous Netflix show, suggests that if something does not “spark joy,” then get rid of it. How should you decide whether…

Image released free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0 (Source: Pxhere)

What this guide is: In these posts, I want to illustrate a practical philosophy for organizing. When you have completed reading this series, you will be armed with a way to approach life beyond just knowing what junk to throw away. In short, I want to share with you how you should approach organizing so you can live effectively.

What this guide is not: This is not a collection of quick tips on how to clean up your room. If you came across this post for that objective, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Who should read this guide: The primary…

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